Listen to One Direction's new single, 'Best Song Ever'

Are the boys of One Direction secret classic-rock fans?

That's the question raised by the beginning of the British boy band's new single, "Best Song Ever," which appeared on YouTube early Friday.

The lead track from One Direction's upcoming album -- its third in three years -- "Best Song Ever" starts out more or less exactly like the Who's "Baba O'Riley," with pounding piano and drums revving to life over an arpeggiated synth figure.

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From there, thankfully, "Best Song Ever" changes course: Just about the last thing we need from One Direction -- which is to play four sold-out shows at Staples Center beginning Aug. 7 -- is an album of ponderous social anthems. So it's a relief when the arena-pop beat kicks in and the guys start singing about dancing all night.

Listen to "Best Song Ever" below.


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