Anne Gwynne (1918-2003)

Anne Gwynne, Broderick Crawford, John Eldredge and Alan Ladd in "The Black Cat." Before the horror: A former Catalina swimwear model who was featured on the cover of Look magazine in 1940, Gwynne appeared in such popular serials as 1940's "Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe" and "The Green Hornet" before becoming one of Universal's scream queens. Actor Chris Pine is her grandson. Iconic Universal roles: Gwynne was one of the studio's favorite scream queen ingenues, appearing in such horror films as 1941's "The Black Cat," 1944's "Weird Woman" and most notably as Rita, a victim of Dracula (John Carradine), in 1944's "House of Frankenstein." Memorable quote: "Were you insinuating that Grandmother's death wasn't accidental?" ("The Black Cat")
Universal Pictures
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