'Magic in the Moonlight' trailer: Woody Allen is back in rom-com mode

'Magic in the Moonlight' trailer finds Woody Allen back in European rom-com mode

Woody Allen is back in the realm of fizzy, Europe-set romantic comedies with "Magic in the Moonlight," and the newly released trailer offers a first look at stars Emma Stone and Colin Firth in action.

After Allen's bleak dramatic detour in last year's "Blue Jasmine," "Magic" appears to be cut from the same cloth as his continental romps "Midnight in Paris" and "To Rome With Love."

Set in the 1920s, the new film stars Firth as a famous British stage magician and debunker of fake spiritualists who is called to the South of France to investigate a sketchy but beguiling medium named Sophie (played by Stone) — "a visionary and a vision," as one character describes her in the trailer. (Watch it above).

Though skeptical of Sophie's powers and her motivations, Stanley (Firth) seems to have a hard time resisting her charms, and the picturesque backdrop of Jazz Age Cote d'Azur doesn't seem to be helping matters.

"The more I watch her, the more I'm stunned," Stanley says at one point. "Could she be real? I'm beginning to question my own common sense."

The ensemble cast for the film, which opens July 25 from Sony Pictures Classics, also includes Eileen Atkins, Marcia Gay Harden, Hamish Linklater, Simon McBurney and Jacki Weaver.

Stone is also set to re-team with Allen for his yet untitled next film, which will also star Joaquin Phoenix.

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