Oscar Isaac, lead actor in 'Inside Llewyn Davis'

Where are you now? I was actually doing the 'Today' show this morning. They took a gamble and had me on. If I hadn't been nominated, it would have been a little more intense. They would have fully shamed me. I was overwhelmed. Did the nomination feel like validation of some kind? I don't know about validating, but it's a huge honor. From the moment I was cast, this has opened up doors for me. A little approval goes a long way. It's a business that's operated from a place of fear — and for the Coens to take chances and be bold was amazing. Are you looking forward to the award ceremony? I think I'll be able to enjoy it. There's not a whole lot to do, at that point. You can't screw it up at that point. I'll look forward to it. It's a movie I'm so proud of, even that word is not enough to explain it.
Anne Cusack / Los Angeles Times
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