The Fast Track

A roundup of this morning's arts and entertainment headlines:

"Community" creator Dan Harmon disses Steven Spielberg and apologizes for "Monster House." (New York Times)

Jon "Napoleon Dynamite" Heder drops out of a Will Ferrell-produced Comedy Central sitcom. (Entertainment Weekly)

She's had enough! Sandra Bullock allegedly decides to get divorced from Jesse James. (RadarOnline)

AMC gets zombie fever -- picks up "The Walking Dead" series. (Los Angeles Times)

"Godzilla" is coming back to the big screen. Roland Emmerich will keep his distance. (Variety)

The Superman-Batman rivalry continues. Action Comics #1 sells for a record $1.5 million, topping a Batman sale in February. (Associated Press)

Wondering what Jeff Goldblum's been up to lately? He's been scatting. (New York Times)

Actual TV actors agree to appear in films made by actual teens, thanks to a new contest (Los Angeles Times)

"Galaxy Quest's" director goes from comedy to thriller with "SEAL" (Los Angeles Times)

First Oprah, now Martha Stewart? Crown Media is mulling a Martha Stewart channel. (Los Angeles Times)

"The Addams Family" has the makings of Broadway's next big hit. (NYT)

James Franco's getting a PhD from Yale. (Huffington Post)

Erykah Badu defends her nude music video, which ends with her seeming to get shot in Dealey Plaza, JFK style. (Dallas Morning News)

If you haven't had this video forwarded to you yet, just wait. It's the "Scarface" school play. (Los Angeles Times)

If you've got plenty of time, check out New York mag's lengthy Lady Gaga cover story. It's filled with little Gaga tidbits. (New York magazine)

--Patrick Kevin Day

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