Comcast to buy Time Warner Cable! RIP Sid Caesar.

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The Skinny: Spent last night on the late-breaking story that Comcast had a deal to buy Time Warner Cable and will now spend today working on follow-ups. With that in mind, forgive this rather abbreviated Morning Fix, which was done on the fly. Fear not, the big headlines are all still here including, of course, the Comcast-Time Warner Cable news. Also, CBS wants big bucks for commercials in the finale of "How I Met Your Mother" and Nielsen may have to up its ratings coverage game. Lastly, TV and comedy legend Sid Caesar died at the age of 91.

Daily Dose: Speaking with analysts Thursday morning, Comcast said its deal to acquire Time Warner Cable (see below) is pro-competitive and shouldn't be held up by regulators. Comcast Executive Vice President David Cohen noted that acquiring Time Warner Cable presents "a lot fewer issues than the NBCUniversal transaction did." Cohen said the major conditions the government put in place on the NBCU deal will likely apply and cover any concerns about the Time Warner Cable acquisition.

A big plot twist. Comcast Corp. struck a deal to buy Time Warner Cable for $45.2 billion. The agreement, unveiled Thursday morning, will combine two huge video and Internet giants and and is already being blasted by media watchdogs as the latest example of media consolidation run amok. Comcast's move also pulled the rug out from under Charter Communications, which was attempting a hostile takeover of Time Warner Cable.  Early news and analysis from the Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal and New York Times.

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Gold medal. NBC says its Olympics coverage is doing better than expected despite most of the events being shown on tape delay in prime time and Bob Costas being placed on the disabled list due to a nasty eye infection. Ratings are up slightly from the Vancouver Games and online viewership is way up, the network said. More on NBC's self-evaluation of its Olympic coverage from the Los Angeles Times

Big money. CBS is looking to cash in on the finale of "How I Met Your Mother." According to Variety, CBS is seeking $500,000 for a commercial in the long-running sitcom's final episode, which will air at the end of March. Not everyone will pay that price, only those late to the party.

Up your game. With more people watching TV on their computers, phones and tablets, the pressure is on Nielsen to change the way it measures consumption. And if it doesn't, there are other companies out there that are already actively measuring the digital space. The Wall Street Journal on the pressure Nielsen is facing to expand its measurement in response to changing viewing habits and rival rating services.

New kid in town. Next week, Jimmy Fallon will take over for Jay Leno as host of NBC's "Tonight Show." Not only is there a new guy behind the desk, the desk is also now in New York City. Fallon, who has hosted NBC's "Late Night" for a couple of years, is a lot more musical than Leno and NBC is hoping that his humor and past stint on "Saturday Night Live" will bring younger viewers. The New York Times on Fallon.

Inside the Los Angeles Times: Sid Caesar, one of the early stars of television and a comic genius who influenced many and made millions laugh, died at the age of 91.

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