Charter plots next move. Gerwig lands plum role. Costas on DL.

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The Skinny: I feel bad that I haven't been watching any of the Winter Olympics. Of course, I don't feel so bad that I'll tune in Wednesday night. Wednesday's headlines include Charter's latest assault on Time Warner Cable. Also, Warner Bros. makes a big TV deal.

Daily Dose: The cable industry would like the Federal Communications Commission to intervene on distribution disputes between broadcasters and pay TV companies like the one between CBS and Time Warner Cable last summer. But new FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler doesn't think the regulatory agency has the clout to get involved, according to people familiar with his thinking. While that's a win for the broadcast industry, Wheeler also seems to have little desire to do away with rules prohibiting a company from owning a TV station and newspaper in the same city, these people said.

If at first you don't succeed. Having had its offer to buy Time Warner Cable rejected, Charter Communications is moving to Plan B -- put your own board of directors in charge. Charter said it would seek to replace Time Warner Cable's entire board of directors with its own slate. Time Warner Cable said this is just Charter's latest attempt to try to steal the company. Proxy battles rarely succeed but they can make for good theater. More on Charter's latest move from the Los Angeles Times and Wall Street Journal.

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Eye-opening deal. Warner Bros. has struck a deal to buy Eyeworks for more than $270 million. No, Eyeworks is not a competitor to Lens Crafters, it is a Netherlands-based television production company that has content in several major territories including Europe, Australia an South America. Eyeworks makes both scripted and unscripted shows. It was the latter that made the company appealing to Warner Bros., which is already the biggest supplier of scripted content. Details on the deal from Variety.

Hitting the wrong note. Remember how once "The X Factor" premiered Fox would end up dominating the TV universe because every season would be bookended with "The X Factor" and "American Idol"? Instead, "The X Factor" never really got off the ground. It's not that the show started strong and then hit problems. Viewers never embraced it from the start. That didn't stop Simon Cowell from thinking that there was a pony in there somewhere. He even tried to get NBC to take it after Fox made it clear it was bailing, according to a Hollywood Reporter story about the demise of the show.

Casting coup. CBS has landed Greta Gerwig to play the lead in "How I Met Your Dad," a spinoff from its long-running sitcom "How I Met Your Mom." Judging from the discussion on Twitter, you'd think the show had landed Jennifer Lawrence. Gerwig is best known for her work in indie films including "Francis Ha" and "Greenberg." She's always reminded me of Chloe Sevigny. Deadline Hollywood on the casting.

Costas on DL. Olympics anchor Bob Costas has put himself on the disabled list because of a nasty eye infection that has him looking like Rocky Balboa in the 15th round against Apollo Creed. "Today" anchor Matt Lauer is filling in for Costas until his eyes are working better. Details from the New York Times.

Get better. Tom Brokaw, the former anchor of NBC News who is still a presence on the network, disclosed that he is being treated for cancer. Brokaw, 74, said he has multiple myeloma, but is optimistic about recovery. Coverage from USA Today

Inside the Los Angeles Times: Betsy Sharkey on the new version of "RoboCop."

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