Watch Jay-Z turn 'Picasso Baby' into performance art

Jay-Z has turned the second song of his new album “Magna Carta Holy Grail" into a new art form.

The musical mogul Wednesday repeatedly rapped “Picasso Baby" during a six-hour performance piece at the Pace Gallery in New York.

In what will likely become a music video, Jay-Z was surrounded by an entourage of cameras, curators, celebrities and Picasso’s own granddaughter.

“I’m the modern day Pablo / Picasso, baby,” the rapper repeated to a demur Diana Widmaier Picasso.

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The song could double as an arts education, name-dropping Basquiat, Art Basel, Da Vinci, the Louvre and the Tate Modern with expletives in between.

".... it I want a billion / Jeff Koons balloons," Jay-Z sang to the colorful crowd wrapping around the stark gallery.

Jay-Z shared a small stage with a succession of artists, celebrities and gallery-goers, including Alan Cumming and Jemima Kirke, then serenaded performance artist Marina Abramovi.

The pair uncomfortably locked eyes and rubbed foreheads, reminiscent of her 2009 “The Artist Is Present" exhibition in which she eyed a series of strangers for hours.

“I had no idea what I was going to do,” Abramovi told the New Yorker of her intense exchange with Jay-Z. “I just came here and felt the energy."


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