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Rebecca Meyer, 25, a student and nanny from Iowa Rebecca stands 5 feet 6 inches tall, and weighs 279 pounds. At one point, Rebecca aspired to be in the military, and played sports -- but could never reach the weight limit. "I'd lose five or 10 pounds, and gain back 20." Her gorgeous cheekbones, impeccable makeup and stylish haircuts always lead to the same comments that mean well, but hurt just the same: "You have such a pretty face." She would watch past seasons of "The Biggest Loser" while stuffing herself with pizza. She is hoping that Harper and Michaels will help her "fix what's wrong with me and find out what the problems are." Among her food weaknesses: "I'm a foodie -- a fried foodie. I order pizza with double pepperoni, double cheese, with a side of wings and ranch dressing." And eat it all. How she knows this is it: She cried, screamed in pain and threw up four times during her first workout with Michaels. If she can survive that, she can accomplish anything, she said. "I won't stop. This is my time to prove I am more than just a pretty face."
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