Danny Cahill, 39, a land surveyor from Oklahoma Overweight as a child, Danny knew he would be ridiculed in high school for being overweight. He lost 75 pounds, became the popular kid and went on to play in a band. But after high school, the weight started creeping on. He chose marriage and childhood over life in a band -- but also acknowledges that his weight was making it harder and harder to keep up onstage. He ate everything. "Just cook it, and I'll eat it." At 5 feet 11 inches, he now weighs 427 pounds. His wife is about 100 pounds overweight, and he is worried about his children's health as well. Danny said he recently looked at photos of himself back in the band days, and thought: "I want that body back." How he knows this is it: "I'm giving it my all," he said. "I owe it to everyone who didn't make it here."
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