7 Light City music acts not to miss, from Biz Markie to Super City


By Jevon Phillips, Patrick Day, and Deborah Netburn, Los Angeles Times Staff Writers On Earth Day, we look at a handful of eco-centric films in which characters do battle and/or lose the war against Mother Nature. Whether dealing with natural, man-made or otherworldly disasters, insolent humans have to take into account how we affect and react to the environment around us. Or else. The Day After Tomorrow (2004) Eco-disaster: Global warming (or cooling)/greenhouse gases melting the ice cap Solution: None. Dennis Quaid, as a paleoclimatologist, predicts the events but doesn't think they'll happen for years. Arctic storms hit New York, tornadoes toss L.A. -- there is no stopping "momma." Pictured: Jake Gyllenhaal
Twentieth Century Fox
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