Pineapple tempura, Stella Barra morning bun and other things we want in our mouths now

If you have a stomach, Monday morning's #Weekendeats chat on Twitter was guaranteed to make you hungry. Bacon doughnuts, pineapple tempura, morning buns covered in sugar and everyone's Cinco de Mayo eats made for a seriously envy-filled discussion. Here are the highlights:

Crunchy tempura coating around sweet pineapple? Genius. Gerry Spiers from the blog shared his recipe for the tempura concoction and added a haupia dip made with coconut milk. Spiers finished with a sprinkle of li hing mui, salty dried plum.

Tony Chen, behind the blog, shared a great picture of his morning bun from Stella Barra. "The Taste" alum Jeff Mahin's pizzeria isn't open quite yet, but the restaurant tweeted followers to stop by the space Saturday for a free pastry and coffee. 

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Fresh crepes are hard to pass up. Brian Staffield, from the blog posted a recipe for two crepes. The first, an asparagus crepe with Hollandaise sauce, and the second, a crepe with fresh peaches and whiskey.

Cinco de Mayo doesn't exactly make us think of vegan, gluten-free offerings, but Michelle Maskaly from managed to make some vegan, gluten-free enchiladas for the holiday.

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Hope to see everyone next Monday morning on Twitter! It's sure to be a drool-worthy good time.


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