KFC 7-foot bucket found on front lawn. Where's the chicken?

A KFC 7-foot bucket shows up on your front lawn one morning out of the blue. You're not dreaming -- it's actually there, with the illustration of Colonel Sanders staring at you in your pajamas. And the worst part? There's no chicken in it!

It may seem like a nightmare, but for a woman in Waynesboro, Ga., it actually happened. Aleena Headrick found a KFC 7-foot bucket in her front lawn last Thursday, reported WAGT NBC 26.

Confused, and amused, Headrick posted a picture of the bucket on her Facebook page along with her plans to bring it to the next potluck. 

Turns out, it wasn't a sign from God that Headrick and her family should eat more fried chicken. Instead, Headrick's landlord, Freddie Taylor, collects old signs and had it placed on the property. He has plans to have it mounted on a pole and displayed out front. 

"It's unusual but it ... really landmarks to our house," Headrick told WAGT NBC 26. "We can just say, 'Come down to the giant KFC bucket and turn right.'"

Headrick may have taken the news of her new front lawn display quite well, but it still must be hard to wake up every day and see a giant bucket of KFC out your window without any chicken in it. Especially when there is signage written to remind you that "It's Finger Lickin' Good."

To help ease the pain, KFC parent company Yum Brands has offered to give Headrick a free fried chicken picnic. 

"They’ve got the bucket, now they just need the chicken," KFC spokesman Rick Maynard told the Huffington Post.


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