Dodgers are Game 3 winner, but some call the Dodger Dog a big loser

The Dodger Dog needs a remodel, and this being Los Angeles, there are plenty of suggestions, ranging from a new coat of paint to a complete teardown.

After Chris Erskine offered his proposals for improving the sorry pup in the Los Angeles Times' Saturday section over the weekend, we asked for reader comments. And boy did we get them. 

A reader identifying himself as Philip Rottman came down hard on the Dodger Dog. “The Dodger Dog has become consistently worse: colder, slimier, and more unforgettable every day. It's a step below an AM/PM hot dog and two steps below a 7/11 dog. It's a disgrace! The last several I've eaten have been gray and cold upon immediately opening. The Dodgers must do something or a whole new generation of youngsters won’t even have sentiment guiding their own Proustian taste buds in the future. An abominable dog by any other major league stadiums offerings!” 

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Someone commenting as Sayitok suggested scrapping the Dodger Dog entirely and importing another iconic hot dog. “I propose an Oki Dog stand at Dodger Stadium.  For those not familiar with Oki dogs, they're hot dogs wrapped in pastrami, slathered with chili and cheese, and then folded into a large tortilla.  For extra kick add kimchi. To heck with crummy, soggy fries, let's go for a pizza box sized order of spicy chili fries with jalapenos! Extra napkins are a must (how about a Tommy Lasorda apron giveaway?). Upper deck folks better keep this combo away from the rail because the result would be much worse than the occasional beer for the people below.” 

But the Dog has its defenders as well. David Mariscal posted: “The Dodger Dog is not the fanciest, biggest, or most over the top dog in the world.  It's simple, and when done right (grilled) its flavor is deliciously distinct to Dodger Stadium. I've been fortunate enough to visit ballparks around the country, and it’s always about the toppings, or the size of the dog, The Dodger dog itself is the star.” 

And RDC90254 became practically apoplectic: “You know nothing about hot dogs, Mr. Erskine! Only a Communist with no sense of taste would call the Dodger Dog forgettable or think of putting a bunch of garbage on it! Mustard, onions, and relish -- that's it!” 

The majority of the comments, though, favored a makeover. 

Darryl Musick struck a cold blow on Facebook: “Almost any east coast stadium hot dog puts the Dodger dog to shame. I mean, what's really unique about it other that it's length? The best stadium dog I've ever had is the Dinger Dog served in Sacramento for River Cats games ... 15 inch, thick, natural casing, and delicious. It needs to be good and tasty. As it is now, I can stop at Der Weinerschnitzel on the way and the cold dogs I bring it are better that the hot ones I get at the game.” 

Other commenters offered more constructive suggestions. Bryan Tsunoda wrote: “I'd like to see it made with a grilled Hebrew National hot dog on a toasted brioche bun. Drizzle with jalapeno aioli sauce. Deliciosa!” 

On Facebook, Carl Taylor suggested a compromise: “Leave the Dodger Dog but add a Wurstküche on every level (for sure, one behind our seats). Also, loose the lousy garlic fries.” 

And food blogger Valentino Herrera came down hard but hopeful: “The Dodger Dog doesn't even hold a candle to the hot dog at Costco. In a city that loves it wiener wrapped in bacon, giving the Dodger Dog a pork jacket couldn't save it. Gentlemen, we can rebuild it; we have the technology. We have the capability to build the world's best hot dog. The Dodger Dog will be that hot dog. Better than it was before. Tastier; crisper; meatier.”


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