300 sandwiches for that engagement ring? Here are 19 recipes to help

Three hundred sandwiches. That's the price one man gave to his girlfriend for an engagement ring. If a man tells you to make 300 sandwiches before he -- in Beyonce's lingo -- puts a ring on it, you may laugh it off as a joke, chalk it up to your future husband being a funny sandwich fanatic, or even run the other direction.

If you're writer Stephanie Smith, you start cooking. 

Smith has created a blog called Three Hundred Sandwiches where she chronicles the 300 sandwiches she will make her boyfriend in the hopes of getting engaged. She tells readers her boyfriend, "E," is obsessed with two things: Star Wars and sandwiches. Yes it's sad, desperate and funny, but it's also a blog with a bunch of sandwich food porn. 

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Apparently her boyfriend told her one day, after eating one of her sandwiches, that she was 300 sandwiches away from an engagement ring. And Smith "never backs down from a challenge." Good thing her boyfriend isn't obsessed with souffle or Julia Child's beef bourguignon. 

As of Tuesday, she's on sandwich No. 176 with her "Third Time's A Charm" roasted chicken, sweet potato mash and swiss chard leftovers 'wich. 

Other sandwiches include the "Fashion Critics" fried egg and pancetta on a roll, the "Messy House" ham and cheese on a roll and the "Pick Pick Pick" turkey, fennel and olive in a pita. And if you're wondering what all the names mean, all of the sandwiches are named after an inside joke or experience between Smith and E. 

Stephanie, if you run out of ideas, here are 19 sandwich recipes to get you closer to that ring. Maybe E will enjoy a grilled blue cheese and pear sandwich or an Italian tuna and shiso sandwich.  

Good luck, and here's hoping that rock is at least the size of a cheeseburger slider. 


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