Love art, bubbly? This $20,000 Jeff Koons' sculpture could be yours

It's never too early to start holiday shopping. And if you're one of those people who likes to burn wads of cash when you're bored, there's no bigger reminder than the arrival of the fantasy gifts in the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book. 

It's full of lavish gifts with a $150,000 "bespoke global falconry companion" (whatever that is), a $30,000 "glass house experience" and an ultimate outdoor entertainment system that can run as high as $2.6 million.

There's usually a gift or two for food and wine lovers. Previous items have included a $15,000 edible gingerbread house. This year, there's the $20,000 Dom Perignon's Balloon Venus, a sculpture by artist Jeff Koons. 

The sculpture, made of resin, is modeled after Koons' original Balloon Venus piece from his Antiquity series. It's his version of the famous Venus of Willendorf and meant to celebrate the Dom Perignon Rose Vintage 2003.

According to the item description, the artwork "represents the link between past, present, and future vintages of Dom Perignon, as well as the continuity of the human experience symbolized by Venus."

Neiman Marcus will donate $1,000 to the Heart of Neiman Marcus Foundation with every purchase of the sculpture. 

It should be noted that the sculpture does not come with any bottles of the vintage. If you're already spending the $20,000, you might as well drop a measly $287.65 to pop open a bottle to celebrate your purchase.  


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