Big monster movies

by Patrick Day and Jevon Phillips, Los Angeles Times staff writers Movie audiences are notorious for being picky at the box office. Despite having hardcore followings, many genres must morph to meet new demands to appeal to both broad and fiercely loyal demographics. Here are some of the recent trends. Monsters in suits The guy in the suit stomping on Tokyo is now CGI. We haven't had many huge creature films lately on the Godzilla scale. The claymation and costumed monsters became... Monsters in motion capture suits or CGI Peter Jackson's "King Kong" and "Eight-Legged Freaks" were part of the semi-revival. "Stephen King's The Mist" rained down man-eating octopi and big bugs to go with the suspense, but "Cloverfield" may help light the fuse.
Sam Emerson / Paramount Pictures
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