The doctor is in . . . bed with one

The patients at "ER's" County General Hospital weren't the only ones receiving a little TLC.

In between the endless paperwork and bloody surgeries, young doctors and nurses in love -- and sometimes not -- administered a crash cart full of sexual healing to their co-workers. But still there is debate over which doctor had the most hospital hookups -- John Carter ( Noah Wyle) or Neela Rasgotra (Parminder Nagra).

If the bed-hopper title is based solely on a raw body count, Carter wins, pants down. The boyish doctor cut a swath through County that included a medical student, a resident, two doctors, a nurse, a college student and a social worker, according to NBC researcher Andrew Fash.

But when total appearances are considered, things get almost too close to call. Carter had 255 shows where he could rendezvous in the linen closet with an associate, while Rasgotra had just 129. During her five-year tenure, she married one doctor -- Marshall Gallant (Sharif Atkins), who was killed during combat duty in Iraq -- had an ill-timed fling with another doctor, Tony Gates ( John Stamos), and dated Dr. Simon Brenner (David Lyons).

"It was important for me to stamp my foot firmly as this nerdy geeky character who suddenly became the slut," laughed Nagra.

Added costar Stamos: "Any new guy that comes on, she takes down. And then she spits them out, and that's it. She's turned into a sexy woman."

Maybe if there is ever an "ER" reunion show, Carter and Rasgotra will be able to sort this out face to face and cheek to cheek.

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