"Bionic Woman" BASE MODEL: Lindsay Wagner's Jaime Sommers was in an accident, and her six-million-dollar boyfriend got her fixed up bionically, with super strength in one arm and both legs, and enhanced hearing in one ear. She was so grateful that she jumped on the chance to do covert ops for the government. UPDATE: Michelle Ryan's Jaime Sommers was in an accident, and her scientist boyfriend outfitted her with bionics. Same stuff as the original, but she also has a bionic eye and the government can see through it. UPGRADE: Ryan's Jaime receives training on how best to use her abilities, but Wagner's Jaime is more gung-ho. Ryan's Jaime has Sara Corvus as a foe, Wagner's Jaime has the Six Million Dollar Man as a boyfriend/husband. In a mission, training and the bionic eye help a lot, so give Ryan the edge one-on-one. But in the needed backup, and the popularity and quality of the show, Wagner wins it.
Alan Zenuk / NBC / Los Angeles Times
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