John Cherwa


John Cherwa is deputy Sports editor of the Los Angeles Times. He started at The Times in 1980 and left in 1995 to be sports editor of the Chicago Tribune and Tribune Company Sports Coordinator in 2002. He rejoined The Times in 2009. He specializes in Olympic sports and has been bureau chief for every Olympics since 2000. He is also an adjunct professor on the business of sports media at the University of Central Florida.

Recent Articles

  • Phelps' eight golds, race by race

    It's been quite a ride. Michael Phelps has been bold. He's been dominating. He's been lucky. And he's even been mortal when his goggles filled with water like an age-group swimmer. The second gold, a teammate assisted, saving the day. The seventh gold, give an assist to the Omega timing touchpad....