I'm Not There

The film: “I’m Not There” (November) The online gimmick: It has been possible since the late summer to send a friend, co-worker or loved one a message as told on sheets of poster board held up by Bob Dylan. The marketing team behind this stunt (technically for a best-of Dylan album, but linked to on the “I’m Not There” site), took footage from the beginning of the 1967 Dylan documentary “Don’t Look Back” in which the singer holds up pieces of paper with his lyrics written on them. Users were asked to submit their own text, which magically appears in place of the lyrics. Successful? The movie made less than a million at the box office its opening weekend, but we still think this marketing campaign was a success. The release date of the film was able to get passed around to those who may not have known the movie was coming out. Plus, it was just really cool.
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