With 2009 drawing to a close, we thought it was important to put down our PS3 controller -- and stop playing Modern Warfare 2's brilliant online multi-player mode -- just long enough to reflect on the best games we played over the year. Though it's probably physically impossible to play every game that came out, of the titles we tried, here are our top 10: No. 10: Assassin's Creed II Renaissance Italy is the star of Assassin's Creed II, complete with ornate structures full of ledges, railings, windowsills and protruding bricks. What better locale could there be for a character who can climb anything with nearly superhuman abilities? The game's attention to detail and almost flawless environments -- as well as the ability to befriend Leonardo da Vinci and use his knowledge for weapons and vehicles -- make this world a great place to visit. Details: PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms; $59.99; rated Mature (blood, intense violence, sexual content, strong language).
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