What did Nik Wallenda wear for his Grand Canyon tightrope stunt?

What does one wear to cross a gorge near the Grand Canyon on a tightrope?

Tights and spangles might come to mind.

But that wasn't what Nik Wallenda chose when he made his daring 1,400-foot walk, sponsored by the Discovery Channel on Sunday. He walked 1,500 feet above a portion of the Little Colorado River Gorge -- not the Grand Canyon proper, as advertised -- so maybe it's not all that surprising that he also didn't wear a typical tightrope walker's costume.

Nope. Instead he wore a T-shirt and jeans -- "Buffalo jeans, " he told WPLJ radio hosts Scott & Todd on Monday.

Formally, they were Buffalo David Bitton Six jeans ($99), and the company was only too happy to take credit on Monday for the sartorial get. The style will henceforth be known as the Nik, the company announced.

One can only wonder if the jeans maker would have been as delighted to point out its part in history if things had not gone so well for Wallenda on Sunday. Which could have happened: After all, the one thing he wasn't wearing was a safety harness.


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