Supreme Soul

Supreme Soul Performance: This Bay Area crew has gotten a seriously bad rap for being arrogant and not giving JabbaWockeeZ it's due props. But we've met these guys, and that's not who they are, it's a conceit of the show crafted by the producers of "America's Best Dance Crew." So don't hate! Having said all that, we'd like to see Supreme Soul make like Emeril Lagasse and "kick it up a notch." We loved their choice of Busta's hard-driving "Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See" but their lines were loose. Judges: "Clean it up a little," was Shane Sparks' advice. Lil Mama was disappointed. JC Chasez said they need to try to connect with the audience more. Staying power: They've got tricks and strong ideas but Supreme Soul needs to show improve to make it into the top three. Members: Antoine “Frost” Troupe, 19, Fairfield, Calif.; James “Slim” Dang, 29, San Francisco; Alfred “Mitch” Sanedrin, 18, from the San Francisco Bay Area; RJ “KoolRaul” Navalta, 23, Union City, Calif.; CJ “Pharside” Jennings, 22, the Bay Area; George “Ge.nius” Anzaldo, 20, San Francisco; Jonathan “Bionic” Bayani, 27, Fremont, Calif.
Mark Davis / MTV
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