Sass x7

Sass x7 Performance: Not to sound too cold, but we don't remember this performance. We do remember these Jersey girls swimming in an above-ground pool in their intro clip (without water-wings). Then they did some high-kicks and hair flips to Danity Kane's "Damaged" in Lakers-like dance outfits that only reinforced their rep for being cheerleaders out of their element. Judges: JC Chasez said they were smart to dance to a girl group but called them out on their single stunt, straight out of the cheerleader playbook, a no-handed cartwheel. Lil Mama busted on their Lakers outfits, put on a cheesy suburban voice and said, "And one and two and three and split and kick!" Shane Sparks advised them to add some body waves, chest pumps and ticks which just made the dancers in the audience laugh. Then Sparks brought it home by saying out loud what everybody's thinking: What are they still doing on this show? Staying power: Don't ask us. We're sure they're great people, but we still can't believe Sass x7 made it past the live casting special. Members: Dominique “Dom” Conti, 22, Paramus, N.J.; Madeleine “Mads” Camacho, 19, South Brunswick, N.J.; Becca Lee, 22, Indianapolis; Julie “Jules” Swartz, 22, Bel Air, Md.; Amanda “Mandee” Cilento, 22, Dunellen, N.J.; Lindsay “Linds” Ritter, 22, Sayreville, N.J.; Felicia Rembert, 23, Colonia, N.J.
Mark Davis / MTV
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