Distorted X

ELIMINATED (JUNE 19) Distorted X Performance: This little co-ed crew from Houston was strong but not especially unique. They had the looks, the diversity and the ladies had cute short pink plaid skirts which they flipped up, with their shirts, to Tweet's "Oops Oh My." Judges: Shane Sparks said the females were enticing. JC Chasez took the opportunity to wax poetic about how "society doesn't want to see beautiful girls do well." Staying power: They were too polite to say it, but you could tell Distorted X was furious they didn't get the chance to battle and take down Sass x7. And who wouldn't be? Members: Sayree “Uncle Fred” Chatelain, 21; Lori Mallini, 20, Clear Lake, Texas; Lindsey “Lil” Slott, 20, Spring, Texas; Donna Hood, 21; Courtney Paige, 29; Jerome “JNug” Hill, 22; Keana “Kiki” Noons, 18, Honolulu.
Mark Davis / MTV
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