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Basketball Senior Night was special for Bruno-Pyatt student in wheelchair

PYATT, Ark. -- A senior at Bruno-Pyatt High School realized a dream on Tuesday night.  He got to play in a basketball game for his school, despite having to use a wheelchair.  Here’s his mother’s account.

My name is Penny Sheehy.  My son, Dylan McLean, is 17 years old, has cerebral palsy, is non ambulatory and uses a motorized wheelchair to get around.  Dylan goes to school at Bruno-Pyatt and loves all kind of sports, especially basketball. 

Two years ago Dylan was asked by his coach, Tim Harris, to keep the stats at the ballgames for the senior boys team.  Dylan was so ecstatic and proud of his new job and being a part of the team.

Dylan has always had a dream of being able to play out on the floor with his team.  On Tuesday night at Senior Night, his coach made that a reality for him and his buddy, Richard Harris, who also is in a wheelchair.  With the help of Dylan's coach, Tim Harris, Western Grove's coach Josh Manes and players from both sides Dylan carried the ball down the court and passed to Allen Holtby, who scored the lay-up.  The crowd went crazy and Dylan's dream finally came true. 

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