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Unofficial Shocker Basketball Schedule

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The Wichita State basketball team does not expect to release it's schedule for the 2013-14 season today. However, other Missouri Valley Conference teams did release their schedules with Wichita State on the lists. We did some research and here is what the Shockers schedule will look like.

Southern Illinois is first on the schedule. The Shockers will open the MVC schedule in Carbondale on Jan. 2. Game two against the Salukis will be at Koch Arena on Feb. 11.

Illinois State is next on the schedule on Jan. 8. WSU will hit the road for Normal on Jan. 22.

Inidana State comes to WSU on Jan. 18 and WSU travels to Terredise Feb. 5.

Bradley comes to Koch Arena on Jan. 14. The Shockers go to Carver Arena on Feb. 25.

The Shockers travel to Missouri State on Jan. 11. The Bears will return on March 1 for the Missouri Valley Conference final regular season game.

The Northern Iowa Panthers come to WSU on Jan. 5 and WSU heads to Frostbite Falls on Feb. 8.

WSU will face Drake at the Knapp Center on Jan. 25 but Drake comes back to WSU on Feb. 22.

Evansville comes to WSU on Feb. 1. The Shockers go to the Ford Center on Feb. 16.

The Shockers will head to Loyola on Feb. 19 to finish it off.

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