The talk of the Kansas basketball world is not the Jayhawks or Shockers, it's two-year-old Titus Ashby of Derby.

Titus' parents posted a video of him making shot after shot on YouTube.  It shows Titus between the ages of 18 months and 24 months making sinking every shot with a basketball.  His parents say be started sinking baskets shortly after learning to walk, and has already mastered a number of trick shots.

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"Titus does it all the time, and he's been doing it since he's been very young," Titus' father Joseph Ashby says.  "We love it.  We think it's adorable.  But it's so common that I've been surprised at everybody's reaction, because we're used to him making these sort of remarkable shots."

Ashby posted the video early Monday morning.  By Tuesday night it had racked up nearly 180,000 views.  The Ashbys are on their way to New York City to appear on a national morning talk show later this week.

Local toddler a basketball prodigy