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What's Up With Wendy's?

These days Wendy's tries to sell itself by saying ‘quality's our recipe,' but that seems to be a recipe for failure in at least two spots in Yolo County – Davis and Woodland.

Instead of burgers and salads, boards will be what customers find at the corporate-owned stores which stopped selling on Tuesday.

Wendy's has been in the 99 cent market, along with its competitors - for a while.

"Used to be if you went out for  a 99 cent burger or a 75 cent taco you expected something pretty basic,” said Daniel Conway, of the California Restaurant Association.

Experts say in the current restaurant climate, value diners are expecting a lot more quality to come along with any price tag.

That may be why places like Chik-fil-A, In-N-Out and Leatherby’s have been able to expand while others are struggling.

They're part of the exploding fast-casual market.

"That fast casual segment, it's not your conventional drive-thru and it's no set down and get handed a menu and hi may I take your order. It's in-between in price point and service,” said Conway.

And as more high-end operations take on that model for part of their service day, it may be just enough to fight off the hunger pains - of craving a customer.

Wendy’s still has 13 restaurants in Sacramento County.

McDonald’s has 58 and Subway has 109 restaurants in the same area.

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