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Two Cars and Bus Collide on Fruitridge Road

Two cars and a bus with passengers on board collided Friday afternoon.

The accident happened on Fruitridge Road and Sampson Boulevard just after 1 p.m.

The accident didn’t cause any serious injuries, just damage to the cars.

A witness on the bus, Mychelle Franklin, tells FOX40 she was at her stop when the bus got hit.

“I was getting off the bus and we just felt like a big boom and the bus slid,” said Franklin.

Franklin said a car, which CHP officers identified as a Toyota Camry, hit the bus and went to the next lane over and hit another car, which CHP identified as green Hyundai.

Franklin said a woman and her dog were in the green Hyundai. Aside from being thrown from the driver’s seat to the passenger’s seat when hit, the woman and her dog were okay and just shaken up.

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