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CDC Issues Swine Flu Travel Alert

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The Centers For Disease Control is reminding Thanksgiving holiday travelers to exercise precautions agains the H1N1 virus.While the incidents of swine flu is gradually going down, health officials say travelers may be vulnerable to catching and spreading the sometimes deadly disease.

Bus terminals, train stations and airports where lots of people gather in tight spaces can be a recipe for catching the virus. Some passengers aren't stressing over the possibility.

"You just keep you hands clean and don't touch your face and you're going to be fine," said Dana Jackson at the Sacramento International Airport.

But others weren't sure how to handle someone who sits next to them and is sick.

"Try and get another seat? That would be awkward," said passenger Katie Azevedo.

The possibility of catching swine flu weighed heavily on Dr. Larry Miller, a Butte County physician who has treated numerous swine flu patients. He was boarding a flight tto Orange County with his wife.

"We thought about driving instead of flying because of the H1N1 flu," said Miller.

Some are suggesting that passengers bring plenty of hand sanitizer, tissues and masks for themselves and fellow passengers. Several said they would be offended if some offered them a mask to wear if they were coughing or sneezing.That wouldn't deter Miller, who carried a small bag filled with a variety of masks.

"I'd put this on right away," .

"Would you ask them to put it on?" he was asked.

"Oh yeah, you bet. I'd like them to have a mask, have one myself and I'd like to have another seat," he said.

Health officials are telling travelers to be on guard, but don't let it ruin their holiday travel.

"We encourage people to be safe, to be smart, to enjoy themselves.and to be kind if somebody offers you a Kleenex," saidDr. Jessica Nunez De Ybarra, the public healh officer for the California Department of Public Health.

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