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Top 9 Take on Idols

Justice SystemColton DixonHollie Cavanagh

We're down to 9 idols and tonight they tried to live up to their idols.  That can be tough, but they should be singing something they're very comfortable with right?  Also, to make the show nice and long, we have 3 trio's.'s how I see it:

1.  Colton Dixon-  Started slow, but he picked up and it was good...not really his best I think.  But look at cute and the judges love him...he's not going anywhere. 

2.  Skylar Laine-  First off, I love this song...and she rocked it...she puts on a show!!  I love her and really think she is the best tough/rough country voice ever on this show. 

3.  Heejun Han­-  In case we all forgot...he can SING!  Awesome...just awesome!

4.  Hollie Cavanagh-  I thought this was one of her best and J Lo agreed, so we're right

5.  Deandre Brackensick-  Hi voice is crazy...Didn't like all the singing to the camera stuff, but this song was perfect for him.    

6.  Jessica Sanchez-  What can I of the best voices ever on this show...ever. 

7.  Phillip Phillips-  Will this guy ever have a bad week?  So cute...and so good!!  He and Jessica just seem to be on another level. 

8.  Joshua Ledet-  Killed it again, but I will say that jacket was a hot mess. 

9.  Elise Testone-  Great job again!

What a good night!!  Tomorrow will be rough...I'm thinking a judges save could be in the near future, but we'll see.

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