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Study: Americans Waste $165 Billion in Food

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When it comes to food, Americans have had the stigma of being wasteful, and it may be true.

The Natural Resources Defense Council released a new report which said Americans waste $165 Billion in food a year.

The average family of four is estimated to waste anywhere from $1,350 to $2,275 of food a year, or 20 pounds per person per month.

The report also said the average American trashes 10 times more food than someone in Southeast Asia.

It’s not just people who are wasteful, restaurants and grocery stores are guilty too. The study said much of the un-eaten or un-sold food will end up in the trash.

However there are solutions.

At Morgan’s Restaurant in the Sheraton, Executive Chef Russell Michel said he takes steps to save.

“We prep more often and we prep smaller quantities. Only prepare what you’re going to consume,” Michel said.

Restaurants aren’t the only ones who can conserve, people can too.

Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services will show people how to make food last by teaching proper storage techniques as well as freezing and canning.

Even if the fruits and veggies spoil they can still be used, “Don’t throw it away,” said Food Bank spokesperson Kelly Siefkin, “You can put it back into compost and help grow nutritious food for your family.”

Of course, don’t forget about getting creative with leftovers.

It’s a good idea to start conserving, because with the droughts happening in the middle of the country, food experts are predicting food prices to go up.

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