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Sadness, Betrayal at State Capitol over Schwarzenegger Affair

Executive BranchMaria ShriverArnold SchwarzeneggerDoug LaMalfa

There’s a universal feeling of sadness around the state capitol where Arnold Schwarzenegger spent 7 years as Governor.  But privately those who worked closest with the former “Terminator” are stunned by the news of his love child.  There’s also a feeling of betrayal, a feeling Governor Schwarzenegger isn’t the man they thought he was.

”It’s just sad, it’s a waste,” Chico Republican Doug LaMalfa was visibly uneasy as FOX40’s John Lobertini asked him questions outside the capitol on Wednesday.  LaMalfa, now a State Senator, worked closely with Schwarzenegger as he fought to change California politics and balance the budget.  ”A lot of unnecessary amount of hurt and pain caused to a lot of people.  I know he feels it and his family feels it.”

When he stayed in Sacramento, Schwarzenegger spent his nights in a 12th floor suite at the Hyatt hotel across the street.  ”Anything ever look odd or out of place?” FOX 40’s John Lobertini asked two hotel employees.  “There was nothing weird going on here,” says one employee; but the other conceded, “You couldn’t get close enough” because of all the security.

”Sorry, we’re not talking about this,” former Schwarzenegger press secretary Darrell Ng declined comment saying he was honoring the family’s request for privacy.  Lobbyist Lenny Goldberg, a regular around the capitol, was more forthcoming.  ”Were there ever any rumblings?” asked Lobertini.  “You know there were. Not that I knew of (personally); that’s not my stock and trade I’m an issue’s person.”

Capital insiders say there was never a whiff of Schwarzenegger’s Secret Life during his years under the dome.  During that time Maria Shriver left a career in journalism and embraced the role of First Lady.  Political Strategist Steve Maviglio believes Shriver transformed that role.  ”She was well loved here; she was a Democrat, so she was able to cross party lines so a lot of people liked her.  I think part of the reason a lot of people aren’t dumping on the Governor right now is because of their affection for Maria Shriver.”

Shriver turned the State History Museum into the California Hall of Fame; complete with red carpet events.  And, not a day goes by that her name doesn’t come up during one of the many tours here.  ”Let’s Line Up,” even 4TH grade teacher Karen Warren isn’t willing to place blame.  ”I feel for her.  Great woman, great family and I think it should stay private.”

Truth is: Schwarzenegger didn’t spend much time in Sacramento during his seven years in office.  He never had a Governors’ Mansion; and toward the end of his term he flew in and out of Sacramento on a daily basis.  But few of those who worked with Schwarzenegger or Shriver were willing to talk about the couples troubles, much less any secrets that might be left in the Capital City.      

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Executive BranchMaria ShriverArnold SchwarzeneggerDoug LaMalfa