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Plenty of Giants Merchandise, A's Gear Tougher to Find

What’s black and orange and green and gold and worn all over?

San Francisco Giants and Oakland Athletics gear, of course.

With playoff mania hitting Northern California, you can get all of the wacky merchandise you want…if you’re a San Francisco Giants fan.

Giants toaster? Done.

A Tim Lincecum doll with a creepy Billy Ray Cyrus mud flap hairdo? Done.

But, with the A’s improbably clinching of the AL West in the final game of the regular season on Wednesday, Oakland gear is a little tougher to come by.

“We have 5 or 6 players of Giants jerseys and 0 players in A's jerseys. Not even a Cespedes jersey? No, we sold our last one yesterday,” Jimmy Parker of Sports Fever in Roseville told FOX40.

Oakland green and gold has been a tougher sell all season and the reason comes straight down to “Moneyball.”

“I think the problem with the A's is that the fans can't get attached to any players because there's no guarantee they're going to be there in two years, one year, three years, three weeks and they could trade them at any point,” said Erik Lucas of Sports Fever.

The A’s gear that’s been coming into Sports Fever in Roseville and Sacramento has been shipped straight back to the Bay Area, where it’s been selling better.

Never fear, though, more A’s gear is coming in, including the AL West championship t-shirt.

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