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Wife Remembers Terrifying Crash that Injured Off-Duty Officer

After undergoing five hours of life-saving brain surgery, an off-duty Sacramento police officer is in stable condition.  A driver, who police suspect may have been under the influence of narcotics, ran over him outside of a Roseville "Chili’s" restaurant on Saturday.

Stephanie Daniels said her husband, Detective Bobby Daniels, has a depressed skull fracture, broken ribs, a bruised lung and 63-centimeters of staples in his head.  Even with all those severe injuries, she said he is joking and even asked, "Am I still going to look pretty?"

She said she is so happy to see his spirits so high because some people who suffer from the same brain trauma can lose their memory.

Bobby wound up in the Intensive Care Unit at Sutter Hospital in Roseville, after 21 year old Ilia Wong  lost control of his Jeep Wrangler and it jumped a curb and hit him.  "I am not going to lie," said Stephanie, "I was very scared. I thought he was killed instantly."

Stephanie said just moments before the car plowed into her husband, he had handed his 8-month-old child to his other daughter to hold.   She said had she had been cradled in his arms at the time, she probably would not have survived.

Bobby has two daughters from a previous marriage, and an 8-month-old child with Stephanie.

The two older girls are understandably shaken up by this accident.  Stephanie told reporters the two lost their mom to cancer a few years ago, and she told them not to worry about their father. 

She said, "You realize life is fragile and someone can be taken away in half of a second."

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