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Women And Police Speak-out About Sacramento Home Invasion

In Sacramento this year, so far there are six fewer home invasion robberies than there were last year. But Police say even one is too many.

FOX40 spoke to two women who couldn't agree more.

These days, when Eddie Sowels answers the front door, she answers it with a shot gun in hand.The finger-print dust still on that door is a grim reminder of why.

"They came in a shoved me to the floor... stood on my back," said Eddie Sowels.

"He put the gun right here," Robbie Soewls said, pointing to her forehead. "I said, 'if you're going to shoot me, shoot me.'"

Late last night, three men told Eddie and her 84 year old mother Robbie that their dog had gotten into the backyard. They were lying to get into the house and rob them.

"I said 'you son of a bitch,'" said Robbie

So what should you do if a stranger knocks? Police say if you're at all suspicious, don't answer. Instead, call them immediately, but do make noise, so a would-be intruder knows the home isn't empty. And, what could be the most important step, comes long before your home even becomes a target.

"Make sure no one else knows about your valuable property because word gets around," said Sgt. Norm Leong of the Sacramento Police.

"I could hear her way in the other room... 'please don't hurt my daughter... please don't hurt my daughter...' And they got a gun right to her head," Recalled Eddie.

These days Robbie Sowels keeps a weapon handy too, just incase someone else tries to use her love of dogs to do her wrong.

Incidentally, that home invasion was the first of two within jsut an hour of eachother last night. Police say the simplest peice of advice might still be the best: keep you door locked.

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