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10/13 Storm Blog: Rain Caused Power Outages, Didn't Dent Drought Conditions

Visit this page on for rolling updates on the 10/13 Storm:

Update at 4:00pm: FOX40 News at 5:30pm will air as a special report, "After The Storm." Be sure to tune in to see your photos and hear your storm stories, including what to do about reporting power outages and clearing out trees, Wednesday evening on the FOX40 news at 5:30pm. If your cable or satellite is still on the fritz, you can watch the news streaming live on

Update at 2:45pm: The large storm that swept through California yesterday wasn't enough to ease drought conditions plaguing the state. The Sacramento River had been flowing at 6,500 cubic feet per second, according to the Associated Press, but thanks to yesterday's storms, the river is now moving at 18,000 cubic feet per second. Still, state officials say they're expecting a dry 2010 season.

Update at 1:40pm: New viewer-submitted photos have been added to our October 13th Storm photo gallery. Remember, you can continue to send us damage reports and photos from your computer or web-enabled mobile phone to Be safe when snapping pictures.

Update at 12:05pm: Fire officials are saying the roof collapse at the Citrus Heights Filco store may have been caused by the weight of standing water on top of the roof.

Update at 11:40am: FOX40 News is hearing reports of a roof collapse at a business in Citrus Heights (read more). It's not clear if the roof collapse is related to the weather. However, a strong rain cell is moving through Citrus Heights at the moment, heading in the direction of the Sierra Mountains. FOX40 News has a crew on the way to the Filco store on Greenback Lane and will have more information shortly.

Update on Wednesday, October 14th at 10:50am: Rain continues to fall lightly in portions of the Sacramento area. The slick roads are causing some traffic delays and accidents, but nothing of the magnitude of what was experienced Tuesday. SMUD reports more than 10,000 customers are still in the dark, while PG&E reports more than 74,000 customers statewide are still in the dark. More than 6,000 of those customers without PG&E power live in the San Francisco Bay Area. SMUD customers are encouraged to report power problems at 1-(888)-456-SMUD while PG&E customers are encouraged to report outages at 1-(888)-PGE-4PGE.

Update at 9:30pm: The Natomas neighborhood of Sacramento was briefly sprayed with heavy rain for about an hour shortly after 7:00pm Tuesday. For now, the cleanup begins, and for utility workers, that means restoring power to nearly 200,000 homes in California that are in the dark. PG&E reports 46 blackout areas in West Sacramento, 41 in Woodland affecting anywhere from 500 to 5,000 customers. SMUD reports 28,400 customers are still in the dark as of 9:00pm Tuesday. Adding to the torrential rains and heavy winds, portions of Alameda County were briefly disturbed by a 3.8 magnitude earthquake shortly after 8:00pm Tuesday -- no word on damage or injuries. has been your source throughout the day for emergency information, road closures, flooding information, power outages and general news of interest relating to the October 13th storm. This blog comes to a close for the remainder of Tuesday. Many thanks to the citizen photojournalists who snapped pictures for and who wrote in tips on damage and power outages. Catch the FOX40 News at 10pm and FOX40 Live starting at 4:30am for the latest on the storm and the cleanup -- you can watch both right here on

Update at 6:50pm: Severe weather has knocked out Comcast cable in portions of Sacramento and Modesto.

Update at 6:38pm: The largest tree in Tahoe Park has collapsed onto a home on 9th Street.

Update at 6:31pm: A big rig overturned onto a vehicle on the Richmond Bridge in the SF Bay Area just after 3:00pm, causing massive traffic delays. In addition, residents along the Santa Cruz Mountains were told by Reverse 9-1-1 to evacuate during Tuesday's storms. Click here to read the story from KTVU Channel 2.

Update at 6:26pm: Roadway flooding has been reported on Highway 99 just south of the 47th Avenue exit.

Update at 6:15pm: This photo was e-mailed to us by Mike Coletta after FOX40 News at 5:30pm. It might be a little hard to see, but this car is driving around Sacramento (Freeport & Fruitridge Road, to be exact) with a tree limb sticking out the back of its rear windshield:

Update at 6:00pm: A perfect way to end our storm coverage on the FOX40 News at 5:30pm. Check out this rainbow captured by our FOX40 downtown camera:

Update at 5:50pm: PG&E reports more than 200,000 customers are without power across California, including portions of Northern and Southern California. Over 46,000 customers in the San Francisco Bay Area are without electricity at this time. PG&E is asking people to report outages by calling 1-800-743-5002.

Update at 5:40pm: Highway 113 between Cherry and Chestnut Roads has reopened in Sonoma County. reported around 3:20pm that the road had been closed due to falling tree limbs.

Update at 5:30pm: 58,000 PG&E customers are without power in the Sacramento area, with 29,000 customers living in Yolo, Colusa and Solano Counties. Vacaville has experienced more than 3 inches of rainfall.

Update at 5:14pm: One of California's main high voltage power lines has been damaged by heavy winds and rain, causing blackouts in several portions of the state. Utility officials say Path 15, a major "freeway of power" between Northern and Southern California, was damaged by the storm that moved through California Tuesday. California power officials are urging people to conserve energy until 10:00pm tonight. Click here for more on this story from ABC30 in Fresno.

Update at 5:00pm: Here's some good news -- it looks like the bulk of the rain is moving off to the east. Sacramento could be dry within a few hours as the system moves off toward the Sierra. Take a look at a 5:00pm screen shot of FOX Titan Radar:

Update at 4:54pm: SMUD reports 90,000 customers in Northern California are without power.

Update at 4:52pm: An Urban and Small Stream Flood Advisory has been issued by the National Weather Service for the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valley areas, including the communities of Redding, Red Bluff, Chico, Oroville, Yuba City, Colusa, Sacramento, Stockton and Modesto. The advisory will expire at 8:30pm Tuesday. Runoff from intense rain has already caused flooding, and heavy winds have turned limbs and trees into roadway debris.

Update at 4:48pm: Reports from Modesto of a tree smashing a car and a home on Monticello Lane. Off Interstate 80 at Auburn Road, a strip club has lost power. On Interstate 5 at P Street, workers have managed to unclog a storm drain that had been causing flooding along the "boat section."

Update at 4:40pm: Downed poles and energized power lines have trapped vehicles along Sloughouse and Grantline Roads in Sacramento. FOX40 News will have video from the scene on-air at 5:30pm. SMUD reports 9,000 customers are without power.

Update at 4:35pm: In Placerville, power lines are dangling on the roadway at Pearl Blossom Lane and Rising Hill Road. PG&E has been contacted. Additionally, San Francisco International and Oakland Airport are experiencing delays.

Update at 4:25pm: FOX40's Lonnie Wong is also on the scene of a tree that's fallen onto a home. The scene of this photo Lonnie sends us is from J Street in Downtown Sacramento:

Update at 4:20pm: FOX40's Amity Addrisi is on the scene of a tree that's collapsed onto a house in Roseville. Amity sent us this photo from her cell phone:

Update at 4:15pm: The California Independent System Operator (Cal ISO) is asking residents and businesses to conserve power during and following the Northern California storm.

Update at 4:10pm: A FOX40 viewer e-mailed us to report a downed oak tree onto an apartment complex along Greenback Lane in Citrus Heights.

Update at 3:55pm: Hearing reports of a tree crashing down onto a home in Downtown Sacramento on J Street. FOX40 News has a crew en route. Additionally, Sacramento State University briefly lost power, but the campus is not closed.

Update at 3:50pm: FOX40 photographer Josh Baar sent us this photo from Interstate 5, where the Q Street "Boat Section" is causing some massive problems with motorists due to flooding. Remember, send us your photos to, but never put yourself in harm's way to send us or any other media outlet a picture:

Update at 3:42pm: New photos have been uploaded to the FOX40 Storm Photo Gallery. Use caution when approaching the light rail crossing at Folsom Boulevard at Nimbus Road -- the arm that stops traffic for crossing light rail trains is stuck in the "up" position.

Update at 3:30pm: The storm that's moving through Northern California is a "warm storm," which means snow levels won't be below 7,000 feet. However, the Sierra is still expected to get a nice layer of that fluffy white stuff by the end of the storm. More than 10 inches of snow is expected in some areas, but the type of snow that's falling isn't enough for ski resorts to open. Resorts prefer firm snow rather than slick, wet snow.

Update at 3:20pm: Interstate 5 at Q Street is still having some major problems. Several vehicles have stalled, causing traffic delays due to flooding. Drivers looking to travel north or south on Interstate 5 can use Interstate 80 to Highway 50, and vice-versa, as an alternate route. Highway 113 between Chestnut and Cherry Roads in Sonoma County has been closed due to fallen trees. 67,000 customers in the San Francisco Bay Area have lost power.

Update at 3:15pm: It's bad in Sacramento with over 1 inch of rain reported, but it's even worse in the San Francisco Bay Area with more than 3 inches of rain. There are reports that Interstate 80 at American Canyon Road is flooded.

Update at 3:00pm: The Sunrise Avenue area of Citrus Heights lost power around 2:20pm, according to @610drew on Twitter. Additionally, road flooding has been reported on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in South Sacramento just beyond the Highway 99 offramp.

Update at 2:40pm: More than 25,000 SMUD customers in Sacramento are without power. The largest affected area is the Arden-Howe area. More than 100 areas are without power.

Update at 2:00pm: Traffic signals in Sacramento on Sunrise Boulevard and Folsom Boulevard are malfunctioning. Traffic is backing up, expect delays.

Update at 1:40pm: Kim Leal sent us this photo of a tree down in the Peet's Coffee parking lot west of Highway 99 on Laguna Boulevard in Elk Grove. Photo was captured by her mom, Carol:

Update at 1:25pm: PG&E is offering compensation to customers who lose power for at least 48 hours due to the storm. Customers could be eligible for up to $100 in compensation, paid about 60 days from the outage. Call PG&E's outage hotline at 1-888-PGE-4PGE or click here for more information. (Thanks @scannerboy02 for the info)

Update at 1:15pm: Two adults and a baby have been rescued from an apartment complex in Antioch after waist-deep flooding slammed a residential neighborhood on O Street. FOX40 News first told you about the flooding at 11am. Antioch authorities are urging anyone in that particular area to leave. Read more from KCBS-AM.

Update at 1:07pm: FOX40 News is en route to the scene of a fallen 50-foot tree in Modesto. Hearing reports the tree has wiped out an entire carport. Here is a photo of the tree sent to us from a FOX40 viewer:

Update at 1:05pm: The heaviest downpours are being reported in Fairfield, Vacaville, Woodland and Davis according to FOX40's Titan Radar. The heaviest downpours are moving northeast. Titan Radar is reporting over 2 inches of ran in Vacaville, more than 1 inch of rain in Woodland.

Update at 1:00pm: PG&E is reporting 22,000 Solano County customers, 12,000 Sierra Region customers, 3,400 Colusa County customers, 3,600 Davis customers, 1,000 Dixon customers, 3,300 Fairfield customers, 2,100 Rio Vista customers, 2,600 Vacaville customers, 2,200 Woodland customers, 3,500 Placerville customers and 2,400 Yuba City customers are without power due to the storm. A defective signal light has been reported at Fair Oaks Boulevard and Sunrise Boulevard in Sacramento.

Update at 12:50pm: There are reports that a tree has fallen in the parking lot of the Woodland Daily Democrat.

Update at 12:35pm: The Sacramento Zoo has been closed due to the storm. Utility crews from PG&E are on standby in Stockton to deal with widespread power outages. In Modesto, there have been as many as 30 reports of downed trees.

Update at 12:25pm: will be streaming various weather shots throughout the day. Click here for's Live Channel. In addition, FOX40 (Cable 8) will be interrupting programming throughout the day with up-to-the-minute weather information.

Update at 12:20pm: SIG Alert issued following accident near Reed Avenue exit on eastbound Interstate 80, all lanes blocked. Delays expected, no information on when accident will be cleared.

Update at 12:15pm: A power line has fallen on a backyard fence at La Sierra and Los Molinos in North Sacramento, sparking a backyard fire. FOX40 News has a crew en route.

Update at 12:05pm: A fatal three-vehicle accident has just been cleared at Devil's Slide in the Bay Area. A 75-year-old woman was reportedly speeding when she accidentally crossed over the center divide, slamming head-on into another vehicle. Speed, mixed with the rainy and windy weather, is blamed for the accident. Just another reason why it pays to slow down during bad weather. Read more at KCBS-AM's website.

Update at 12:00pm: Traffic is backed up in both directions on Highway 101 in Santa Rosa, the Santa Rosa Press Democrat reports. Officers with the California Highway Patrol are stationed throughout various areas of Highway 101 to determine when lanes should be closed on portions of the freeway. Read more information from the Santa Rosa Press Democrat

Update at 11:57am: Nobody else in town has a better weather computer system than FOX40 News. Have a look at our radar throughout the day here and on the Weather page:

Update at 11:50am: A collision has been reported on the Rocklin Road onramp to westbound Interstate 80. Additionally, roadway flooding has been reported at Vintage Park Drive at Waterman Road and on Interstate 5 at Q Street.

Update at 11:45am: Five schools are being forced to shut down for the day within the Twin Rivers Unified School District. Rio Linda Elementary, Rio Linda Junior High, Rio Linda High, Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary and Westside Elementary Schools are letting out class early for the day due to power outages. Parents or family members must visit the schools to pick students up until buses can be dispatched to the schools to send students home.

Update at 11:40am: We're monitoring several media websites to bring you the latest information. The Stockton Record is reporting 1 to 2 inches have already fallen in portions of the San Joaquin Valley. Wind gusts at the Stockton Airport hit 38 miles per hour just before 8am. Check out the latest information from The Stockton Record.

Update at 11:30am: East Modesto is experiencing some power outages, and a tree fell near a classroom at Josephine Chrysler School. The tree damaged a rain gutter; children at the school are safe. The Modesto Police Department is scattered responding to several reports of downed trees. "Trees are down everywehre," Modesto Police Department's Scott Blom told The Modesto Bee. FOX40 and The Modesto Bee are teaming up to bring you the latest news on the storm. Click here for the latest updates from

Update at 11:25am: FOX40 News is sending a crew to the scene of a power failure at 16th and Q Streets in Downtown Sacramento. Reports suggest a fallen tree may have taken out some power lines.

Update at 11:20am: Not more than two minutes after our last update, the wife of FOX40's assignment desk manager Ron Lopez snapped a photo of some damage from Elk Grove. Here's the photo Emily sent in -- you can send us your photos to

Remember, stay safe when shooting photos.

Update at 11:18am: Trees are one of the largest hazards people both in homes and on the roads are facing with this storm. Reports of fallen trees are coming in from all over -- Sacramento, Stockton, Modesto, Vacaville and other places. Here's a photo FOX40 viewer "Ed" snapped at his apartment complex off I-5 at West El Camino Avenue:

Update at 11:10am: Residents are up to their waist in water at an apartment complex on O Street in Antioch, according to Twitter user Apollosfyre.

Update at 11:00am: Though this is the least of our worries at the moment, but CalTrans has delayed the Highway 99 repavement due to the storm. In addition, SMUD's power outage map has been taken offline and replaced with the following message: "Due to the severity of the current storm, online outage reports are currently unavailable. We will reinstate the information as quickly as we can."

Update at 10:50am: PG&E is reporting 9 power outages in Fairfield affecting over 500 customers, 6 outages in Winters, 3 outages in Dixon, 8 outages in Esparto, 14 outages in Woodland, 12 outages in Davis and 16 outages in West Sacramento.

Here is a photo FOX40 assignment editor Kathy Escobar sent from Elk Grove:

Update at 10:45am: Several big rig accidents, including one at Seamas Avenue on Nortbound Interstate 5. Officials think they'll have that cleared up by noon. Traffic is slow in both directions on Interstate 5 between Interstate 80 and Highway 50. FOX40 News is sending a crew to Vacaville as well.

Update at 10:38am: Hearing reports that all four lanes of the "Boat" section on Interstate 5 at P Street have been closed due to street flooding.

Updated at 10:30am: More than 8,000 customers are without power in more than 100 locations serviced by SMUD, and PG&E is reporting more than 17,000 customers without power in the greater Sacramento area. An overturned big rig is causing problems on Interstate 5 near Laguna Boulevard, ambulance responding. Massive street flooding has been reported on the Cap City Freeway near E Street. In Stockton, there are reports of several trees down.

Follow FOX40 on Twitter for the latest storm updates as they e-mail your photos and damage reports to

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