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Parents Arrested In Shooting Death Of Vacaville Toddler

The parents of a two-year-old girl fatally shot by her eight-year-old brother two weeks ago in Vacaville have been arrested.

Authorities with the Vacaville Police Department contacted Michael and Daniela Shanahan at the Solano County Courthouse in Fairfield Monday afternoon. Both were charged with criminal storage of a firearm in the first degree and one felony count of child neglect.

Two-year-old Ayana Shanahan died September 23rd after her eight-year-old brother discharged a loaded handgun he'd found on his parent's bed.

The handgun reportedly belonged to Michael Shanahan. The eight-year-old boy remains in protective custody.

Authorities with the Vacaville Police Department report their in-depth investigation revealed several other deadly weapons left unsecured, adding the overall condition of the home was "unkempt and dirty," contributing to an environment not suitable for children.

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