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A Haitian Child's Last Words: "Mother, Don't Let Me Die"

A young girl's rescue, captured on live television Thursday by the international Cable News Network, brought a glimpse of hope to a region devastated by a massive 7.0-magnitude earthquake earlier in the week.

The hope and joy felt after 11-year-old Anaika Saint Louis was rescued from beneath the rubble of a building in Port-au-Prince soon turned to a moment of tragedy with the news that the girl passed away after being unable to reach a hospital with life-saving technology outside the capitol city.

"Maman, ne me laisse pas mourir (Mother, don't let me die)," she uttered to her uncle before passing away.

Her story was captured live on CNN throughout Thursday. Cameras were rolling as rescue workers spoke with the young girl, whose body was trapped beneath concrete debris shaken loose by the 7.0-magnitude earthquake Tuesday. Samaritans offered her food and water for two days before rescue workers were able to extract her from the crumbled building. Her right leg had been crushed and pinned by a large metal slab.

"Many, many hearts are breaking for this little girl," a tearful CNN presenter Campbell Brown spoke after hearing the news live on television from correspondent Ivan Watson.

The Haitian child is just one of what officials estimate could be hundreds of thousands of casualties following the large earthquake.

Thursday, the US Department announced San Diego resident Victoria DeLong was the first American casualty identified as a result of the Haitian earthquake. DeLong was a cultural affairs officer with the United States Embassy in Port-au-Prince, according to the Associated Press.

The United Nations has lost more than 30 workers from the Haitian earthquake, including UN mission chief Hedi Annabi. Officials with the UN estimate they may have lost up to 100 workers in Haiti.

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