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Elk Grove City Councilman Jim Cooper Named In Grand Jury Complaint

Sacramento Sheriff hopeful Jim Cooper, now facing a grand-jury complaint that he peddled power for of all things... Softball.

The top girls' softball team Lady Magic soemtimes practice at a private residence in Elk Grove. Some neighbors aren't too pleased by the field of dreams next door.

When the owners of that field wanted to build an addition, a city error saved them 25-thousand dollars in permit fees. Neighbors complained about the addition too, and it went before the Elk Grove City Council.

Jim Cooper spoke-out in favor of forgiving the fee, even though he's close friends with the property owner. And while there's no proof it's connected, Cooper's daughter later got a spot on the Lady Magic.

The Elk Grove City Council's decision was unanimous- forgive the fee and let the addition go forward.

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