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Rocklin Man Identified As Crew Member Of Missing US Coast Guard Plane

One of the seven crew members aboard a missing Coast Guard C-130 plane believed to have been involved in a mid-air collision with a Navy helicopter has been idenitified as a Rocklin resident.

The Sacramento Bee reports the family of 22-year-old Danny Kreder was informed by the Coast Guard of the man's disappearance off the coast of San Clemente Island.

The family of Kreder was reportedly told of his disappearance around 7:00am local time. Kreder's family is from a small town in unincorporated Texas.

FOX40 News attempted to search public records for Kreder and identified previous addresses listed near Waco, Texas and Camp Pendleton, California, but could not confirm a Rocklin home address.

Thursday evening, eyewitnesses reported seeing a fireball off the coast of San Clemente Island where authorities with the US Coast Guard report one of their C-130 planes, based out of McClellan Airfield in Sacramento, likely was involved in a mid-air collision with a Navy AH-1 helicopter.

FOX40 News was the first to learn that the Coast Guard C-130 plane was based out of Sacramento's McClellan Airfield. It's unclear if the seven people on board the C-130 are from the Sacramento area.

The names of those missing have not been officially released by the US Coast Guard, but it has been confirmed that the families of those missing have been notified of the incident.

In a prepared statement, U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said the federal government was "providing every available resource to fully support the multi-agency search effort under way to locate survivors of this devastating accident.''

"As we hope for the best, we are reminded of the danger and personal risk that the courageous men and women of the Department of Homeland Security and our armed forces confront every day in order to ensure the safety, security and resilience of our great nation,'' Napolitano said.

The Coast Guard is among the agencies overseen by DHS.

Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman said it was likely that all occupants of the aircraft had lost their lives to the "tragic event.''

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