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Study: Certain Cameras Make You Ugly, Certain Phones Make You Sexy

It's been said the camera adds ten pounds, but what type of camera you use could make the difference between a beautiful self-portrait and a hideous one.

Research conducted by the dating website found cameras manufactured by Panasonic, Canon and Sony led to more attractive photos compared to cameras manufactured by Nikon, Samsung and Kodak.

The camera most frequently used by people with attractive photos on the dating website was the Panasonic Micro 4/3s, followed by the Leica Point 'n Shoot and the Canon dSLR line of cameras.

The camera used in connection with low-rated photos included the Kodak EasyShare, the Nikon Coolpix point-and-shoot cameras and Motorola dSLR cameras.

The report says cameras with interchangeable lenses, like digital SLR cameras, generally made the difference between an attractive and an unattractive photo. Cameraphones generally produced less-than-attractive photos according to user ranks.

Among smartphones, cameras found inside the T-Mobile Sidekick, the Apple iPhone and the Sony Ericsson phone rated high among attractiveness of photos, while Palm Pre phones, Samsung Phones, Android phones and Blackberry phones rated low.

Though smartphones may take unattractive photos, the phones themselves generally make people look more attractive in terms of social status. The same study found users of the Apple iPhone had anywhere between 10 and 12 sexual partners by age 30, while users of the Blackberry phone had an average of 8 sexual partners. Android phone users had the lowest amount based on the survey with six sexual partners.

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