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Campus Gun Incident Lands Teen In Jail

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An 18-year-old Auburn man is in the Placer County Jail accused of bringing a rifle and a shot gun onto the Placer High School Campus. Brett Miller, a former student, stopped by the school last Thursday to visit friends, when word spread he had two weapons in the cab of his truck.

"He always wears a Cowboy hats and drives like jeep trucks" the rifle toting ex-student is the talk of student body. "My friend actually who's his good friend says he's actually a sweet guy," Senior Melanie Westin is taking a wait and see approach. But Lucas Cooper, also a Senior, isn't as sympathic, "In any sense that's just bad! That's just bad!" Neither is Junior Melina Gold, "I'd be scared, a weapon's a weapon."

By most accounts Miller is described as an avid hunter; and he's fonly remembered by the faculty, "I feel really terrible for him, it's a really silly decision. I don't think he was on here for danger for the campus, ahh, I don't know," Jonathan Adams, the activities director, could only shake is head as he talked about the former student.

FOX 40 stopped my Millers' rural Auburn home two times on Saturday, but no one answered answered the door. In the driveway, however, a pair of Antlers are prominently mounted on the garage; and a nearby sign that reads: "Varment Hunter Parking Only. Violators will be shot."

Across the street FOX 40's John Lobertini talked to a neighbor about the teen, "Is this just a kid who made a stupid mistake? I believe so, he's not dangerous! How long have you know him? 8-years." The woman refused to give us her name.

We're told Miller frequently stopped by the campus; and reportedly told friends he was going hunting after school. There were no threats; and by the time police arrived the 18 year old was gone. Brigitte Cox is a parent, "Just based on what I know this was a little overreaction they went to this extreme putting him in jail."

But if you're the cops, you're thinking: the anniversary of the Columbine massacre is Tuesday; and it wasn't that long ago, 2007, that another student was caught brandishing a weapon on campus. That weapon turned out to be a BB Gun.

"That wasn't a smart decision on his behalf. In think maybe he should keep those at home," most students are willing to chalk this up to youthful stupidity. But the Placer County District Attorney may have a different view. Brett Miller is facing as much as 5 years in prison or as little as probation. He's scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday

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