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Controversial Grave Markers Removed after One Stolen

A headstone has been stolen from the controversial Mormon Island Relocation Cemetery. The marker read “Unknown, moved from Nigger Hill Cemetery.” Now, the county is removing all the stones to prevent more thefts.

Recently, there have been efforts to change the wording on the three dozen stones. New headstones could be made by California inmates.

The graves were moved from a cemetery in the town of Negro Hill just before Folsom Dam flooded the area in the 1950’s. It’s unknown why the wording was changed from Negro to Nigger.

A Boy Scout from Troop 645 brought the issue up a few years ago, and even secured funding to replace the 36 controversial stones by receiving a $20,000 grant. However, the process was stopped for a variety of reasons, mainly because no one was quite sure who had jurisdiction over the Mormon Island Cemetery and the gravestones.

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