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Grassroots Effort to Save Kings

It has been said Kings fans are the best in the NBA.  But if they can pull off what was started with a single Tweet Tuesday evening they’ll have to come up with a new way to describe them.  In what can only be called as a grass-roots effort with no concrete plan going forward, fans are pledging money..and a lot of it to help build a new arena in town with, or without the Kings.

 “We’re just regular Joe’s trying to see how much we can come up with,” one of the organizers of the Here We Build campaign, Kevin Fippin told FOX40.  Fippin is a life-long Kings fan.  One of many who first responded to radio personality Carmichael Dave’s Tweet Tuesday evening.  “No money is going anywhere right now..there is no bank account, but people are saying what they would pledge.”  Fippin himself says he’ll give $1,000 to the campaign.  As of Wednesday evening..about 24 hours after the original Tweet..the group claims to have an unofficial total of about $140,000.  “No one is pledging an outrageous amount of money.  I really do believe people will pledge if they can..if there is a way to do it I think they will,” added Fippin.

So far, the Here We Build campaign’s biggest contributor is Jiffy Lube who is offering up $30,000.  They’ve also helped with putting up digital billboards in the area.  It may be late in the game, but the effort is gaining steam.  “It might take something like this where people are willing to say I’d buy a brick.  And if that’s the case we are willing to do that.”

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