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Gap in Prop 29 Results Narrows, Ballots Still Being Counted

ElectionsCancerLance Armstrong

A statewide measure that would add a $1 tax to a pack of cigarettes is still too close to call.

According to elections officials, as of Wednesday morning, 292,124 votes still needed to be counted and tallied across California.

Currently, the results are 50.1% against Proposition 29 and 49.9% for. The two sides are divided by just 12,419 votes.

That gap has narrowed considerably since the June 5th California Primary, when election-night results had the two sides split by 63,000 votes.

The ballots left to be counted include mostly votes by mail, and include a range of counties. The most uncounted ballots are in Los Angeles County, which has more than 131,000 votes left to count.

Proposition 29’s tax on cigarettes is estimated to raise $860 million a year for research on tobacco-related diseases and prevention programs.

Tobacco companies reportedly paid $47 million, in addition to anti-tax groups, to defeat the measure. The American Cancer Society, and cancer survivor and athlete Lance Armstrong were among the measure’s most vocal supporters.

A map by the Secretary of State’s office displaying the results so far, overwhelming shows the initiative was favored on the coast in Northern California, and was not so popular inland. Check out the map by clicking here.

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ElectionsCancerLance Armstrong