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Fairfield's History Starts on East Coast

2010 Census

Fairfield’s history started over 150 years ago and on the other side of the country in Fairfield, Connecticut, which was the hometown of Captain Robert H. Waterman.

After sailing around the world five times, he and his wife decided to move to the area in 1856 and named the town after his hometown. Waterman seemed to have a penchant for re-naming communities; his wife was named “Cordelia” and the community in Fairfield was named after her.

47 years later Fairfield officially became a city in 1903, but the most significant change came in 1942 when the US Air force decided to build Travis Air Force Base. The base is currently the city’s largest employer with over 14,300 workers.

That’s not the only industry Fairfield’s known for.  The Jelly Belly factory was built in 1986, but it actually isn’t a big employer; about 460 people work there. Even so, it’s the most noticeable and the most delicious business in the city.

The factory and the area itself have made Fairfield a destination location and a choice place to live. According to the 2010 census over 106,500 live in the city.

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