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Comic-Con Blog: Day 1, Lining up and Preview Night

It's here. Day One. Well, Day Zero, technically.

Early this afternoon, I'm going to line up for Preview Night.  The San Diego Comic Con will open the exhibit hall doors for a few hours this evening and those who included tonight in their ticket price get early access to the show floor and see snippets and pilots of upcoming television shows, and get their hands on exclusive merchandise.

Personally, I have no interest in the shows being screened tonight, so I'm heading straight to the toys.

Is it messed up that a guy in his mid-20's is excited about an "invisible" Predator 2 figure or a skateboarding Freddy Kruger figure?

Doors open at 6 p.m. tonight, and there are apparently already people lined up in addition to the folks already lined up for Thursday's "Twilight" panel.

A woman was hit and killed by a car yesterday morning while running across the street to keep her place in line for "Twilight." The driver reportedly had the right of way and the woman darted into traffic. Let's hope that, with even more people waiting outside the convention center, yesterday's tragedy won't repeat itself.

UPDATE - Wednesday, 10:17

I've never seen so many people in one place. It's a diverse group, too, which is awesome.

Lines were long for most of the toy booths, like Hasbro, Mattel and Entertainment Earth. Iron Man 3's booth was a stage in which you can have your picture taken with all seven of Tony Stark's Iron Man suits from the first two Iron Man films and the Avengers.

Ubisoft's upcoming Assassin's Creed 3 video game was on display, as was Capcom's Resident Evil 6.

As for movies, Total Recall, The Hobbit, Man of Steel, Elysium and Looper all had cool displays. It was hard to see any of them because of how crowded it was.

Thanks for reading. I'll have more tomorrow.

I'll have photos up tomorrow and be sure to watch FOX40 News Friday morning. I'll be doing an interview via Skype in the 7 a.m. hour.


Ian McDonald is a producer at FOX40, and will be writing about his trip to Comic-Con 2012 on Tune in to FOX40 Thursday and Friday morning to see video from this year's event.

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